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Professional Coaching Services


Do you want to feel connected to your work, inspired by what's next, and realize the potential of your personal contribution? 

Most of us do, yet struggle to navigate professional relationships and ever-changing workplace dynamics.


Arc Growth exists to empower tomorrow's leaders and help 

shape the inclusive environments essential for growth.


Founder, Ashana Crichton, is an ICF Professional Certified Coach and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion practitioner that specialises in Leadership Development for those who want to achieve more, with ease. 

Self-expression, individuality, and diverse experience all can potentially garner many positives: high engagement with one’s role or job, which also fosters a rich customer experience; creativity and continual innovation; and a robust leadership pipeline.
Harvard Business Review Press Book

coaching for professional development

1:1 Coaching works through a series of powerful conversations. Being outside of your usual support network, I have no judgement or opinions, only the questions that will help you carve out the path that is right for you. Together we’ll keep the momentum so you achieve weekly goals and, with commitment, you will feel confident and inspired to grow in your chosen career.

Have a demo session with me and, if you decide to 

invest in yourself with coaching, we will tailor an approach, cadence and program that works for you and your goals. 

Diversity and Inclusion training image

corporate programs 

Professional Development Coaching-

Coaching is the intervention that takes your people to the next level. High potentials, internal promotions and career pivots are  all reasons to invest in an external partner to unlock your talent.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Facilitation services-

A 'Coach Approach' offers a facilitation experience that 'asks' rather than 'tells'. Whether you have a training you want to deliver, an ERG you want to empower, or to better understand the dynamics at play in your organization.


Energy Leadership-

The Energy Leadership Development System provides tools that help my clients transition their catabolic, restrictive energy into anabolic, progressive, aspirational thoughts and feelings that enhance collaboration and drive success. It's an assessment that works for both individuals and teams, alike.

Workshops are developed on request to address 

specific needs. In collaboration with you, I will create 

the learning and conversational environment to deliver results. 

Corporate packages are tailored to meet organizational goals and individual needs. A package might include: 

1:1 Coaching

VIA Character Strengths Assessment and Debrief

Energy Leadership Development System

Leadership skills development

Diversity and Inclusion fundamentals

what clients say

"Ashana is one of the most positive people I know. I met her when she was a team coach for two of my Suffolk University classes. Her teams loved her and she was able to help them pull together to excel at their client projects. She also facilitates/trains our Orange Grove courses. Ashana consistently is able to bring out the nuance in discussions, explain so that participants understand and engage such that people are learning. I love working with Ashana!"


Jodi, Managing Partner, 

Boston, MA

“Ashana is a phenomenal coach! She is a talented listener and was quickly able to summarize my somewhat random thoughts into a cohesive work plan. Ashana is both empathetic and encouraging. After one conversation, I felt like I had known her for a long time and this made me so comfortable with the process. Thanks to Ashana, I feel more confident, energized and ready to face whatever challenges and adventures come my way.”
Roberta, CEO
Prince George County, MD

"A single session with Ashana was enough to push myprofessional development to new heights. She is extremely talented in her role, delivering empathetic and powerful advice that can change lives. I highly recommend her as a coach."

Carl, Partner

Boston, MA

PLUS! As a BetterUp Fellow Coach, I provide evidence-based coaching for enterprise clients, everywhere.


Arc Growth empowers people to navigate personal circumstance and create opportunities to grow. It is an approach that leverages each unique person and their individual strengths, talents and contexts in which they operate.


The process is creative, fueling and infectious! 


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Ashana Crichton Executive Coach

Ashana Crichton

Professional Development Coach


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