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Activating Inclusive Leadership Teams:
Strategies for Delivering Inclusion

Do your leaders need inspiration to keep their inclusion ambitions alive? After the positive intent of recent years, the motivation and energy to embed an inclusive culture might now need a reboot. Our approach is built to align and re-energise leadership teams, so you can move your inclusion strategy forward.

We work with your leadership to understand, qualitatively and quantitively, where the barriers to progressing inclusion lie. We take a solutions focused approach to develop a plan which your leaders are engaged with and committed to delivering.

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We understand the ambition to build an inclusive culture is generally high amongst leaders. The challenge comes in translating the ambition into meaningful change aligned with other business priorities.


The tone from the top and acting as role models is vital from leaders in any professional environment. To build an inclusive culture, leadership teams need to be aligned and collectively committed to demonstrating inclusive behaviours and making company culture a priority.

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When leadership collectively understand, and jointly commit to inclusive ambition and behaviour, this results in a culture where promises around inclusion and belonging are much more likely to yield results.


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Our approach starts with a blend of quantitative and qualitative insights, which are then explored and developed through leadership team workshops, resulting in a bespoke action plan for your leadership team. 






Report and playback to the leadership team.

Team coaching continues the journey and creates sustainable habits.

Workshop 1: Together   

we map the insight and collaborate on what a preferred future state might be.


Workshop 2: Time to prioritise and commit with clear milestones and individuals for accountability. Everyone has a role to play.

Quantifiable survey based on a collection of questions exploring the territories of Ambition, Behaviour and Culture, each of which include multiple domains.

Qualitative interviews with the leadership team and stakeholders from across your business.

A review of your data and surveys for additional insight.

A highly engaged and motivated leadership team

Clarity and alignment on your diversity and inclusion commitments

Shared ownership, responsibility, and accountability

A specific and bespoke action plan with clarity on the why, what, how, who, and when 

Outcomes you can expect from this work

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