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The time is now

Do you feel a little restless? The end of summer brings with it an unsettling feeling that something is coming to an end, yet nothing is really beginning. We reside ourselves to the fact that Fall is coming... that’s it, it’s the beginning of Fall. Or is it?

For approximately 20 years of our lives, September marks the beginning of the year. When we’re in education, every September we start afresh; new teachers, new lessons new friends. We are able to draw a line under what was, unmarred by previous mishaps and are able to work toward new goals, projects, and academic success. When we leave education, our calendar changes, but that September feeling, the feeling of new hopes and possibilities remains, yet often goes unfulfilled.

As adults, we transition to a life defined by the January to December calendar. January is the start of the ‘year’ and with it comes resolutions, goals and a month of good intent. We use January as a baseline, to get healthy and ensure our finances back on track. We need it to regain a sense of equilibrium.

We naturally flow into spring and allow the change of climate and nature’s new beginnings to affect our lifestyles; we clean our homes, store our winter layers and get outside more, making use of the warmer weather. We embrace Spring and the feelings that it arouses; the season of vitality. So why do we suppress the innate tendency to ignite new goals and plan for progress in September?

Now is the time to sharpen your new pencils, buy the books that are going to stand you in good stead, and create new, sustainable routines and milestones for your achievements. Whether or not you’re in education, and regardless of whether you have children to remind you that school is starting back, in the pit of your stomach, you know that you should be inspired to act.

So let’s, from now on, give September it’s rightful place in the year; the month that sparks new ambition. Ask yourself what you want to change, achieve, create or do differently. And decide what your first step needs to be. Then do it. And do it again. We have at least a month before we see the first leaves fall from the trees, that’s more than the 21 days needed to form new habits. Rather than let it pass you by, grab it with both hands. It’s September people, let’s make this one count!

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