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Supercharging the Law of Attraction

Let’s start by agreeing to agree that the Law of Attraction is real. For some, this is an easy ask; those that have wished they had more money and then found a twenty dollar bill on the floor, or have experienced a direct correlation between wanting and asking for a significant other in their lives and soon finding themselves in a healthy, happy, loving relationship. For others, it’s a more difficult pill to swallow.

If you’ve ever thought that the Law of Attraction feels like a wonderful concept, but a little too risky to live by, you’re not alone. I have often wrestled with my innate sense of ‘feeling’ that there is more at play in the universe then meets the eye, yet being innately practical and logical in the steps I take to achieve results. I’m even in the business of empowerment; having people recognize the shift they can make to improve their personal and professional circumstance. I rarely recommend daily affirmations.

But to be clear, I am in no way a naysayer. I believe that energy attracts like energy… whatever that means. I just sometimes choose to say that ‘what you put in, you get out’. And I know the power of a clarified vision. I just feel more comfortable with that vision written down rather than imprinted in my mind’s eye. So for others out there who have complete trust in the universe (sometimes, maybe), let me make the Law of Attraction that little less fluffy for you.

Mental ‘dress-up’ = Self-belief

Call it cognitive framing or visualization, but feeling the desired changes have occurred allows you to try out and accept a new you. Whether it’s money, love or success you want in your life, you’re going to look different with it, and you need to get comfortable with that picture. So take time to think about what that really looks like so you avoid self-sabotage and can accept it graciously when it comes.

L.O.A. junkies know what success looks like

Affirmations are a sign of clarity; truly knowing what it is you’re working toward. If you don’t know where you’re heading, how will you know when you get there? Repeating daily affirmations while looking at yourself in the mirror can be can feel awkward but there’s nothing stopping you writing down your goals succinctly or speaking them to someone else. Let clarity be the trigger your ambition needs to get off the ground.

Fewer snacks, more nourishment

Mindfulness is a way of building intentionality. How many things do you do each day just because ‘that’s what you do’? Be clear about the actions you’re taking and why. Not only will it help you see the results you’re looking for faster, but helps create a better life balance.

Overall, the Law of Attraction applies some much-needed focus for personal achievement. You’re giving time and attention to the things you really want in life and, quantum physics aside, that’s good. No matter what your beliefs, feeling worthy of the success you desire is the first hurdle, the rest lays somewhere between you and the universe.

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